Ecor Rouge Chapter was founded in 1953. The name means “Red Cliff” - for a triangular-shaped bluff which lies between Daphne, the home city, and Fly Creek in Montrose, an area rich in history. The British, for instance, used the red cliffs for a hospital camp in the late 1770s.

The organizing meeting was held at the Masonic Temple in Foley, November 6, 1953, with the State Regent, Mrs. John O. Luttrell, installing the officers. Organizing members were from all over south Baldwin County.

By 1954, Ecor Rouge Chapter had made Gold Honor Roll and met all requirements for the State Standard of Excellence. By 1955, the membership had grown to 28. Citizenship manuals were placed in Junior High Schools, clothing and Christmas gifts were sent to Kate Duncan Smith DAR School, citizenship pins were awarded in the schools, DAR Magazine subscriptions were given to the schools and subscribed to by members. A picture entitled “Signing the Constitution” was given to the Fairhope School.

Chapter members serving the State Society included Mrs. J. Nelson Horner, second vice regent Alabama Society DAR; Mrs. Douglas Harrell, state librarian; and Mrs. Leo A. Dekle, corresponding secretary, first vice regent, and Alabama Society DAR State Regent. Mrs. Dekle went on to become a National Society DAR Vice President General and continued to hold numerous state and national appointments. Many other members have and continue to serve the State Society as chairmen or members of committees.

Since the beginning, Ecor Rouge members have endeavored to better their communities and State Society through their projects and enthusiasm. One such accomplishment was the organization of the Israel Shreve Society, Children of the American Revolution.

Ecor Rouge Chapter celebrated its 65th birthday in 2018. The chapter remains true to the National Society DAR Motto - “God, Home & Country.”

Officers   2022 - 2023
Regent: Carol Salsamendi
Vice Regent: Dana Maloney
Second Vice Regent: Bonnibel Byars
Treasurer: Glenda Gravlee
Registrar: Gail Critchley
Recording Secretary: Judith Comer
Corresponding Secretary: Rosalou Maxwell
Chaplain: : Carolyn Stapleton
Librarian: Doris Hair
Historian: Sharon Olen
Parlimentarian: Mary Alice Taylor

2022-23 ECOR ROUGE CHAPTER CHAIRS (pdf document)



Steps to membership in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and the Ecor Rouge Chapter, NSDAR:
  • Contact the Chapter using the email links below and request to attend a chapter meeting or event to meet us and explore what we do.
  • Gather your family history information to identify an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence between April 19, 1775 (Battle of Lexington) and November 26, 1783 (withdrawal of British Troops from New York).
  • Work with our chapter membership team to complete and submit your application.
To prepare for work on the application or before visiting with our Ecor Rouge membership team, please review the How To Join page provided by the National DAR website – If you are comfortable, feel free to continue to the Genealogy page and work on the provided Pedigree Chart (PDF). But, if you don’t know where to start or haven’t researched much of your genealogy, don’t worry! We are delighted to help you! Our chapter has an active membership team, including many women who are happy to help you with research and documentation, the application paperwork, and to introduce you to our chapter members, activities, and meetings. Please Contact Us!

ECOR ROUGE earned recognition as a Lantern Chapter in 2022
What are the qualifications for becoming a Lantern Chapter?

• Any chapter that transfers an organizing regent or
• Transfers five or more members to organize a new chapter or
• Transfers five or more members to revitalize a chapter.

Both the losing and the receiving chapters will receive the designation of a Lantern Chapter. Members from both chapters will then be entitled to purchase the lantern pin. The designation will be retroactively available to any chapter that can produce documentation of the relationship, such as minutes.

For membership questions, please email: Carol Salsamendi, Regent, or Gail Critchley, Registrar.

Click Here to view photos from our 2017 picnic.  (pdf format)

PRESS RELEASE:  DAR Brings Sunshine to Patriots on 15th Anniversary of Patriot Day, September 11
(click above to read in pdf format)

Ecor Rouge Chapter Day of Service at Prodissee Pantry. Volunteer members packed produce for needy families. This day of service was arranged by Rosalou Maxwell, Chairman of the Ecor Rouge Service to America Committee.

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